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AIIA is dedicated to supporting and encouraging apprenticeship in the U.S.

Apprenticeship is typically a 1- to 4-year education and training opportunity where you can earn while you learn.  Apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job training with related technical instruction so apprentices can gain meaningful work experience, earn a recognized industry credential and potentially earn college credit or even a degree.

US Apprenticeships

The United States has a long history of apprenticeship training in the skilled trades like construction, plumbing, electrical and automotive.  Typically led by labor organizations, these programs partner apprentices with skilled mentors and provide educational opportunities in state-of-the art learning facilities to prepare workers for high-paying jobs.

More recently, apprenticeship has expanded into new fields, including many once thought to require a college degree, such as  IT, healthcare, energy, business, advanced manufacturing, culinary arts, customer service, hotel and restaurant management and sales.

Electrician and his apprentice

International Standards

We’ve identified occupational standards in 10 job categories across four countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Australia.  See what kind of skills are required for apprenticeships in a range of occupations in other countries.